Founded by Tariq Ibrahim and Camila Costa in 2013, BrewKnowHoo is a celebration of our journey and our commitment to exploring the wonders of fermentation.

Our first date was over a refreshing glass of kombucha in Denver, Colorado. Little did we know that a few months later we would be married or what a huge part of our lives fermentation and brewing would become.

As we delved deeper into the art of kombucha, we discovered a world of probiotics and their positive impact on our well-being. Our curiosity and enthusiasm couldn’t be contained within the boundaries of kombucha alone. We yearned to explore the wider universe of fermented foods and beverages, embracing their age-old methods and revelling in the joys of a less processed, more self-sufficient lifestyle.

From sauerkraut to kefir, kimchi to kvass, we fearlessly dived into the bubbling cauldron of fermentation. With each new experiment, we uncovered a universe of flavors, textures. We loved the excitement that came with discovering new taste profiles and sharing our creations with friends and family.

Our journey wasn’t without its comical mishaps and glorious failures. We experienced batches of kombucha that resembled fizzy explosions and sauerkraut that seemed to take on a life of its own. But amidst the laughter and mess, we revelled in the process of learning and experimenting.

Driven by our passion for fermentation and a desire to empower others to embrace this enchanting world, we founded BrewKnowHoo. Our mission is to be a guiding light for all fermentation enthusiasts, offering a wealth of knowledge, recipes, and tips to help you embark on your own brewing adventures.

At BrewKnowHoo, we believe that fermentation is a joyous celebration of the ancient wisdom passed down through generations. It connects us to our food, our health, and the wider world of microorganisms.

Join us as we raise our glasses to the magic of fermentation.

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